Q: What do I get with my listing?

A: When you post your advertisement, it goes live on our site and is seen by our job seekers instantly. We also automatically tweet the details of the job or project to our 32,000 Twitter followers. Adding your twitter account to your advert means we can include you in our tweets.

You can choose to have your candidates email you directly or go to your website to apply.


Q: What do you charge for your job advertisements?

A: Please visit our packages page for pricing details and the packages we offer.


Q: What is the difference between a job advertisement and a project advertisement?

A: ‘Job advertisements’ are for jobs, volunteer positions, apprenticeships and longer-term contracts (over 6 months).

‘Project advertisements’ are for short-term opportunities where the hiring company is looking for a specific skillset to deliver a project. For example, a practice may need specialist skills which it does not have in-house. Because of the nature and typical size of projects, these advertisements are priced at a lower rate than Job Advertisements; we retain the right to remove advertisements which have been posted under the wrong category.


Q: How many job seekers do you have on your site?

A: We have on average over 1,200 active job seekers within the landscape sector at any one time as users of the site, with many more who check the website without signing up.

Our advertisements on average receive between 400 and 500 hits for a typical 14 day listing.


Q: How will job seekers hear about my advertisement?

A: Job seekers who have joined our site may create alerts to match their requirements, including keywords and locations. They receive these by email on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Your advertisement will not only feature on the jobs homepage but will be automatically tweeted from the LI’s @talklandscape Twitter account under the hash tag #lijobalerts.


Q: How do I create a new job or project advertisement?

A: Placing an advertisement is simple.  Click here to post a new job advert. If you have an existing account please login here so your details can be pre-populated. If you have already purchased job advertisements you can use them once you have created your advertisements, otherwise you will be prompted to pay for a new package.


Q: How do I amend an existing advertisement?

A: When you login to your recruiter account you will see the option under your account for ‘My Adverts’, or you can click here to view a list of your advertisements. Clicking edit will allow you to make changes to your advertisement.


Q: Can I close my advertisement early if the position has been filled or is no longer available?

A: Yes. You can close your advertisement early by logging into your recruitment account, going into your job dashboard and clicking “filled” or “delete” depending on whether you would like the advert to remain on the site but display as filled. If you delete your advertisement it cannot be recovered. Please note the we do not offer refunds for unused time if your advertisement is closed early for any of the above reasons.


Q: What payment methods can I use to pay for my advertisements?

A: You can pay for your advertisement online using your credit / debit card, which will be processed securely by SagePay.


Q: Why have my old job advertisements vanished from my dashboard?

A: Expired listings will drop off your dashboard after 30 days.


Q: What are job tags?

A: Job tags are key words or phrases which relate to your vacancy and help our job seekers set up bespoke alerts – for example, the skills relating to their keywords. To ensure you get the best quality exposure it’s important that your keywords do relate to your vacancy. Keep keywords as basic and generic as possible so job seekers can easily match them to their skills.


Q: How soon will my job advertisement go live on the website?

A: This is generally instant providing you have paid for your listing via credit / debit card.


Q: How can I increase my views?

A: There are a number of reasons why an advertisement will get low exposure and responses. If you have not used keywords in your advert or you have keywords that are quite specific, this can reduce the reach of job seekers with relevant skills. Location can also be a factor as many job seekers’ alerts will be based on location and if your job vacancy is overseas this could result in a smaller pool of job seekers. Using quite generic but relevant key words will ensure your adverts gain exposure.


Q: How can I increase my applications?

A: If our site is your main platform it would be advisable to check the content of your advertisement.

  • Job seekers want to see a good in-depth description of the job role and the skills you require.
  • Vague or incomplete advertisements can discourage job seekers from applying.
  • Check your contact details are correct, any email addresses are working and emails are being received – and make sure this is tested from an external email address.

If you are using multiple platforms to advertise, we recommend that you ask applicants to confirm where they found the job advertisement so that you can assess which is the most effective.


Q: When I log in, I can’t see a way to post a job?

A: If your “Post a job” link has vanished when you log in, it is likely you have signed up for a job seeker account instead of a recruiter account. Job seekers are not able to post jobs unlike recruiter accounts. This is selected during the sign up process but we can change this for you if you contact us at recruitment@landscapeinstitute.org. Alternatively, you can sign up again using an alternative email address.